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We take pleasure in the buildyou take pleasure in the experience. At LDG, we are committed to state of the art construction and design, so that the moment of entering your new home remains a memory for a lifetime.

Luxury New Build Homes

A home is where life happens. For this reason⁠, we believe a home should be beautiful, safe, and built specifically for you.

Unparalleled Quality

At LDG we hand select each material that goes into building your new home. The senses are involved in our selection processdoes it inspire, does it invite, is it memorable?

Smart Homes

We consider the latest gadgets and appliances in technology when building your home. Enjoy a beautiful home that works for you and fits your life.


We work with you to create a home that meets your preferences and adheres to your specifications. Enjoy playing a key role in the build of your new home.

Luxury Homes Burlington

Homes that Leave a Lasting Impression

Our home owners feel confident through the process by playing an active role in the planning process. Our visual standards merged with leading construction practices make us the best choice.

New Builds & Homes

The Finest Finishings & Notable Details

Making the most of every detail by seeing it as a creative opportunity. Our designers, architects and constructors work together to create an astonishing final result.

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Residential Design

The Bastedo House

Burlington, ON

Let’s Build Your New Home

Whether you are in the market for your next luxury condo or desire to build your house from scratch, we are your personal construction team.
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